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Hey friend! Hailey, Jodi & Nina here - your behind-the-scenes coaches, business strategists, photographers, mentors, friends. 

The one thing we hear most from photographers is their desire to take images that embody more emotion. Real, raw and unscripted emotions...the ones that move you to tears, the emotions that inspire you to live deeper in each moment. 

Wanting to take emotive images and perfecting the art of capturing them are two different stories. Storytelling is truly an art, and we're thrilled to finally be pulling back the curtain and sharing all of our tips and secrets with other aspiring storytellers. 

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Nina's Story:

A little over ten years ago, when my oldest was on the verge of turning one, I picked up a camera and decided to give this "photography gig" a go at it. I was shooting your typical smile at me portraits...and.I.hated.it. Money was tight for our growing family, so I kept working towards building my business, but I was left uninspired and unmotivated. 

It wasn't until almost 6 years later, that I came across a photographer by the name of Joy Prouty. When I saw Joy's work for the first time, I was moved to tears. Joy's work embodies the most beautiful moments and connections shared between family members.  I knew in that instant, that I wanted my work to have the same effect on those who viewed it. I wanted to do more than just prove that people existed. I wanted to show that they lived passionately and loved deeply. 

My road to becoming a Storyteller wasn't as easy as I first had envisioned it. It's one thing to have a vision of capturing emotive imagery, but it's another thing to be able to articulate that vision to your clients and to help them fully relax and breathe in each moment, during their session. 

It took me a little over two years of trial and error, lots of tears, and dedication to figuring this storytelling thing out...then the lightbulb came on. I figured out the secret to capturing emotive images...and I'm so excited to finally be pulling back the curtain and sharing all of my juicy secrets with y'all!

Meet Jodi Lynn Buckles

Jodi Lynn is a Mother to four precious souls, Wife to a loving mountain man, Daughter of the Highest, Teacher and Family + Motherhood Photographer who is captivated by dreamy light, emotive connection and landscapes that move her soul. She is passionate about creating living poetry with her imagery and nothing fills her heart more than producing meaningful pieces of Art that share unique, tangible stories of connection, beauty and absolute truth. Photography is how she shares and fosters her gifts with the world and her goal is to be genuine with her craft and make you feel something with the imagery she creates. Jodi mentors and guides other Artists in finding their true voice, shooting with intent and honoring their unique Artistic journey. She has taught retreats internationally, travels to document beautiful families all around California and beyond, mentors Artists around the world and has been named one of Looks Like Film's Artists of the Year the last three years. Jodi is tremendously honored to be a part of the Woven community and to beautifully intertwine Art and her love for Jesus in a safe, inviting and inspiring space.

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Meet Hailey Faria

Hi I'm Hailey and have been married to a U.S. Marine for 15 years, we have two children! I will openly share my story with you once we get connected! Also, I really LOVE music and will feel deeply saddened if you do not invite me to a concert. 

All The Tools You Need To Become a Storyteller + Build A Thriving Business


WOVEN was created for the frustrated + overwhelmed family photographer who is ready to...


  • Finally learn the art of capturing emotive imagery.
    • We don't just tell you how to be an emotional storyteller...We SHOW you how to be an emotional storyteller. No more guessing. No more trial and error. We've got you boo!
  • Grow in your business skills.
    • One aspect of business will be highlighted and unpacked each month in order to give photographers the proper tools to not only grow in their craft creatively, but also to elevate the way they run their businesses. 
  • Begin building a business you are passionate about. 
    • It's time to start building the business of your dreams - We're here to help!

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